Saturday, June 15, 2013


We attended an estate sale about 20 minutes from home.  The 5 acre property was for sale which included the house, a 2 story barn that had been used for chickens several out buildings.  The property owner was fastidious about everything.  Everything from the backhoe to the weed whacker was well maintained and started immediately.

 I bought a Cobra 23 channel base station for $8. OK, it's old technology because it doesn't have 40 channels and get NOAA weather radio channels but it powered up and I can receive what little, distant radio traffic there is in my area.  I'm waiting for someone to get close enough to do a radio check.  Fastidious?  He had the radio in its original box with 2 spare fuses!

Upon returning from placing in our jeep, I heard the auctioneer announce he was taking bids for some miscellaneous CB antennas and accessories.  I paid $1 as the only bidder.  The 2 boxes contained a Realistic (Radio Shack), Uniden and Cobra 23 channel mobile radios, a Midland external speaker for each and a dual fiberglass antenna rig and mounting brackets.  Once I purchase 3 cigarette lighter adapter plugs I will check out each radio, wrap them in aluminum foil and place them in the old microwave oven I just obtained from my daughter's trash yesterday.  Timing is everything!

After a widespread power failure event these radios could provide a local communication network using whatever vehicles are available using a couple of magnetic mount antennas we have.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I am sorry for not having posted for so long.  Preparations for our wedding, new duties at work and day-to-day life in general have left me with little time and energy to post.  National events involving spying on U.S. citizens while granting citizenship to illegal aliens, I mean undocumented citizens, have left me beyond frustrated.  Apparently many other people are frustrated:

We have joined a Meetup group in addition to the group of friends I have associated with for years.  This group offers a more diversified group of people from a wider geographic area and provides more frequent hands-on training.  Training we attended included primitive fire starting (bow drills SUCK!), tracking and evasion, wild edibles, snares and traps and a wilderness skill sharing weekend.  Future training includes primitive fire and knife skills, a short intro to hobby beekeeping and map & compass orienteering.

I suggest you go and search for some or all of these to locate a group of like minded people near you:

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Closure? Or Just the Beginning?

More than capturing a killer, this shows how eagerly the sheeple embrace an uber police presence that makes them FEEL safe.  Lock-downs, once only in prisons and now an almost-daily occurrence in a school somewhere, have grown to encompass an entire city.  Large light armored vehicles with heavily-armed SWAT teams clinging to the exterior (reminiscent of the “fire engines” in “Fahrenheit 459”) were the perfect showcase for the power of The State.  Even though Suspect #2 was found just outside the boundary of the lock-down…by a private citizen! 

The crowd erupted into applause once the capture was announced.  As with the season finale of a TV show, they had closure.  They could return to their perfect homes, living their perfect lives and await the OJ-like trial of a monster.  However the dead are still dead, the dismembered still incapacitated the world still full of militant Islam and Chechens.  This isn’t the new normal.  When I was in high school the bombings in Northern Ireland and terror attacks in Israel were all too common.  Both countries survived. It is now our turn to see if we survive as an eternally vigilant people or return to being short attention span children.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rain Barrel Project Completed

 These pics show the completion of our rain barrel project.  It's purpose is to have water to irrigate the gardens and for the chickens during dry spells while not depleting our well.  The 4 blue drums were repurposed, 2 of them were free and I believe each of the other 2 cost $10.  We received the 2 square barrels (1 of which I cannot use at this time) from a friend who is going through a divorce ans losing her home.  Listings on and can good sources of prepping supplies.